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Palo Alto Oasis - Driveway WIth Ornate Custom Gate_edited.jpg



The client was looking for a resort-style yard reminiscent of their travels to Malaysia that tied into their existing home.


PA designed the iron gates with ornate scroll designs typical of the region while taking an architectural cue from the main residence.

Palo Alto Oasis - Front Entry Plantings with Custom Iron Gate_edited.jpg
Palo Alto Oasis - Water Fountain and Poolside Planters.jpg
Palo Alto Oasis - Water Fountain.jpg
Palo Alto Oasis - Pooll and Water Feature _edited.jpg

Adding to the tropical oasis theme, PA designed a richly detailed water feature/pool and used exotic plantings to create a lush tropical garden.

An al-fresco dining area under a custom trellis was added and incorporated into the style of the house.


A grass strip was used to separate the area from the pool without losing the visual connection to the plantings


The result is a cohesive, oasis feel.

Palo Alto Oasis - Pool with Tropical Plantings and Custom Wall_edited_edited.jpg
Palo Alto Oasis - Cuxtome Trellis.jpg
Palo Alto Oasis - Al Fresco Dining Area under Custom Trellis  .jpg
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