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San Anselmo Hillside - Overview.jpg



This gorgeous San Anselmo property looks like a European hillside retreat. 


The client wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous site but also manage the heat since it sits directly in the sun for most of the day.

PA created a shade element using an arrangement of permanent, cantilevered umbrellas that when raised simulate a room within a room. 

San Anselmo Hillside - Stairway to Pool and Outdoor Dining Area.jpg
San Anselmo Hillside - Pool and Outdoor Dining.jpg
San Anselmo Hillside - Pool Detail.jpg
San Anselmo Hillside - Poolide Outdoor Buit-In Kitchen.jpg

The pool surround was sand finish, scored concrete with terraced concrete retaining walls.


PA also built a custom outdoor kitchen with stainless steel cabinets.

Beyond the pool area, is a landscape tie staircase that winds down between raised vegetable gardens and delivers you to a secluded one room studio.

San Anselmo Hillside - Terraced Planting Beds and Path to Studio and Play Area.jpg
San Anselmo Hillside - Patio Guardrail and LIghting.jpg
San Anselmo Hillside - Studio and Play Area_edited.jpg
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